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1. Shari

  1. SCA Starfire PNP 60 gallon. 16 gallon refugium.

  2. When I had a small pet shop, I had a gentleman bring me live rock and got me intersted in the salt water. When my store closed, I purchased a 29 gallon all in one for marine. I LOVED it. I wanted MORE. So, I got the bigger tank and have truly enjoyed.

  3. Mushrooms are prolific little things. And, though I love mine, I would like more variety in my tank. My goal is to frag comfortably and have an outlet for my "excess". Right now, my refuge is filling up with them :( . Also, to get more than the 4 hardy fish I have that will live longer. (Neon Goby is doing well, Chloe!)

  4. How do you guys get these gorgeous photos? Mine never come out clear nor with the colors anywhere near as vibrant as everyone else's. Or as bright as the real thing!

Shari H

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