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Longfins: "Is that a Betta Clownfish?"

As you enter Salty Blues, you are greeted by a fish in our 10 gallon display tank that defies the standard clownfish look. Her name is Philomena, and she is a Black Ice Longfin clownfish bred by Sea & Reef Aquaculture in Franklin, Maine. Her existence is unlikely, but she is a stunning example of the quality captive breeding happening at Sea & Reef.

Philomena, the Black Ice Longfin clownfish at Salty Blues in Des Moines, IA.

Philomena's heritage starts with one single Black & White Ocellaris clownfish found in 2013 by Sea & Reef's Hatchery Manager, Brandon Weik as he was looking into a tank of thousands of young fish. The fish had been beaten up a bit because he looked unusual, but as his fins recovered, they realized all but one pectoral fin were enlarged. The fish was paired up and successfully produced offspring, however, less than 1% of the offspring had long fins. The Black Ice Longfin was the first variation released to the hobby.

What makes Sea & Reef's Longfin genetics so special is how rounded the fins are. Many of our customers compare Philomena to a Betta, Goldfish, or Koi. Her tank is full of Rock Flower Anemones, therefore we have dubbed that tank "Philomena's Flower Garden". She looks stunning fluttering about while the simple Red Firefish darts out for an occasional snack and the Porcelain Anemone Crabs peacefully filter phytoplankton below.

Philomena's Flower Garden

The first Longfin found by Brandon Weik in 2013. Photo Credit to Reef Builders and Sea & Reef.

Thanks to the long, hard work of Sea & Reef, there are now five variations of Longfin available at Salty Blues. Black Ice Longfin, Premium Black Ice Longfin, Black Ocellaris Misbar Longfin, Mocha Longfin, and Phantom Longfin (Feb 14, 2019). Contact us for pricing today (515) 410-2779.

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Mocha Longfin clownfish at Salty Blues. This pair is now living happily in a customers tank.

Premium Black Ice Clownfish

Phantom Longfin Clownfish

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