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Welcome to the wonderful world of Reefing

We're glad you're here! Keeping a saltwater aquarium, especially a reef tank, can seem overwhelming at first. Have no worries - that's why we're here. Salty Blues is a resource for those new to saltwater. We want to help you be successful with the tank of your dreams!



Where to start

Reef keeping is a highly addictive hobby. You'll want to be sure you can make the commitment to care for these amazing animals. Being patient and taking the time to research the care of the animals you intend to keep and how to maintain a stable saltwater tank in general, will help ensure your long term success.


We suggest watching Bulk Reef Supply's "How To Start a Reef Tank" or "52 Weeks of Reefing" series on YouTube. They cover the very basics all the way to optional high tech equipment. Also, consider joining a forum like , , or There is tons of valuable information available on these forums.












The salty blues blog

We have a blog where we discuss reef keeping and highlight cool things happening at Salty Blues. The "Reefer's Guide" category is for fundamental reef keeping topics. It is a great place to start reading about what starting and maintaining a saltwater aquarium entails.  The blog is written by Ben & Chloe, the professional reefing staff at Salty Blues whom you will meet when you visit the store!

Innovative Marine ALl In One Nano Aquariums

We love Innovative Marine All In One Aquariums because they look stunning and are a great option for beginners and experts alike. All In One refers to the style of filtration system - these tanks do not require any external plumbing or sumps. There are many options for lighting and mechanical/chemical filtration, so you can easily upgrade components as desired. These tanks set you up for success and look absolutely gorgeous. The NUVO Fusion Pro Kits come with all the equipment you need except a light and heater.

We typically have the following NUVO Fusion

Pro Kits in stock:

10 Gallon Kit $199.99

14 Gallon Peninsula Kit $249.99

20 Gallon Kit $299.99

25 Gallon Lagoon Kit $349.99

40 Gallon Kit $499.99


We have several of these aquariums set up in our store as display tanks. Stop in and ask our staff for a demo!


(515) 410-2779

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