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When we started Salty Blues in 2018, we wanted to create a place where die hard reef keepers could find everything they want and need.

That meant cutting some things out of the typical fish store equation: bad advice and customer service, bland and small coral selection, and fish riddled with disease.

Salty Blues strives to provide saltwater hobbyists of Iowa and beyond with the best reefing experience possible.

Chloe handles and observes every fish that comes in and out. She has spent years researching and honing the best methods to prevent fish disease at the retail and hobbyist levels. She is currently working to offer Salty Blues Certified Quarantined Fish in the coming year.

Ben dips and inspects each coral before they enter our sale tanks. He carefully frags corals almost every day. He is excited to have a separate coral quarantine system for new arrivals at the Salty Blues Coral Farm.

Salty Blues is your Red Sea Certified Dealer of Iowa!

Salty Blues carries all the top quality dry goods you need for your saltwater aquarium - including the actual aquariums.

We always have many name brands and sizes of glass aquariums in stock. We also offer custom acrylic tank and wooden stand builds.

Stop by and see why we're Des Moines top rated local fish store!

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For the best success with your first saltwater aquarium, it's important to choose fish that are hardy and disease free.

Chloe talks about the best and worst saltwater fish to put in your first saltwater tank.


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Take an up close look at the Red Sea Peninsula 650 aquarium on display at Salty Blues. This beautiful 140 gallon tank allows for viewing on three sides. Stop in to talk to the Salty Blues staff about ordering your dream aquarium today!

Fish include a Chevron Tang, four Orange Storm Clownfish, four Lyretail Anthias, four Leopard Wrasses, two Black Cardinalfish, an Orchid Dottyback, and a Neon Blue Cleaner Goby.

Coral highlights include Malaysian and Indonesian Torch Corals, rare Malaysian Blastomussa, Goniopora, Branching Duncans, Rainbow Micromussa lordhowensis, Pink and Orange Tip Elegance Corals, Orange and Yellow Splatter Branching Hammer Corals, ORA Purple Stylophora, Bubblegum Digitata, Ultra Favia Colony, Designer Zoanthids, Diaseris Plate Coral, Discosoma and Ricordea Mushroom Corals. Much more is still planned to be added in the coming months so follow along or stop into the store to see the progress.

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