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We offer professional saltwater aquarium maintenance to commercial and residential customers in the Des Moines area. If you want to add beautiful ocean life to your office or home, we would be glad to meet with you to discuss how we can set up, stock, and maintain a gorgeous reef designed just for you with zero effort on your part other than daily fish feeding. We offer all of the major aquarium brands, or if you desire something truly unique we can have a custom acrylic tank built to suit your taste.

** Consultation On-Site or at Salty Blues - Free Estimate - Call to schedule (515) 410-2779



For customers who manage their own reef, we offer consultation services. During our visit, we will go over any concerns you are having with equipment or livestock and offer professional advice to make your set up safer or more efficient. We can also help with aquascaping, or other specific tasks like setting up a water mixing station. In addition, we offer vacation services so you can be sure your reef is left in good hands.

**Call to schedule your free estimate (515) 410-2779








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Husbandry, plus artistry, makes the Salty Blues difference.

Salty Blues 45g Lagoon Display
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