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Des Moines' largest and healthiest selection of live corals. We have everything from basic beginner frags to high end collector corals. New shipments arrive multiple times a week, so be sure to check back often! If you don't see what you're looking for, we can special order it for you.




We stock a large variety of saltwater fish in our store. We specialize in captive bred designer clownfish. We can always order fish of any species if you don't see what you need. New shipments arrive often.

We also carry a wide variety of invertebrates such as shrimp, cowries, snails, sea hares, conchs, crabs, and more!

We have first hand experience with all of our dry goods. From tanks and sumps to powerheads, heaters, and frag plugs, we have it all. We also offer a selection of regular and premium dry rock cuts. Just ask our team what products are right for your system!


Dry Goods at Salty Blues
Blenny on Toadstool

Professional saltwater aquarium design, installation, and maintenance for homes and offices in the Des Moines metro. Call us today for your FREE aquarium consultation and estimate!

"I [get] all of my fish from here"

February, 2020

I have gotten all of my fish from here. I love that it is a Salt Water only store because I feel as though it is more specialized and focused. Chloe and Ben have been a tremendous help with any questions I may have. - Ethan W.

"STOP in to take in the beauty"

December, 2019

This place is fantastic! Ben and Chloe are the best! So patient with all my newbie questions and helping me set up our tank. Quality fish and corals. Very clean. I stop in every chance I get just to see all the new live stock! I would suggest anyone to stop in “Reefer” or not just to take in the beauty! - Rich D.


December, 2019

Great experience very professional staff. Very helpful with all my questions. Never tried to up sell. All their tanks where immaculate. Thanks! -Russ M.

"gave me good advice"

December, 2019

Ben was extremely helpful in assisting me with starting up a saltwater tank. He gave me good advice and said to call him with any questions I have. Great selection of saltwater species to enjoy. -Brent I.

"more than happy to answer AS MANY questions as you can ask"

November, 2019

I enjoyed being in the shop. Chloe is very knowledgeable and more than happy to answer as many questions as you can ask. I'm very interested in starting a reef . I have not been to a salt water store before but will definitely go back to Salty Blues. They have as many supplies an any size aquariums as you want. If not they will get them!!!! -Randy R.

"the place to be for saltwater"

November, 2019

This is the place to be for saltwater! Chloe and Ben are very helpful! They always go above and beyond. By far the best inventory around. If they dont have it, ask them. They will get it. - Josh E.


July, 2019

I was extremely impressed with the store as soon as I walked in. The aquariums that they have setup are stunning!!! We are new to saltwater tanks and reefing and Chloe was very knowledgeable and patient with us. We spent about an hour there asking question after question and she answer all of them. The products they sell are high quality and the fish are amazing. I will definitely be going back to purchase all my products and fish from them!!! -Craig M.

"Professional [and] clean"

July 13, 2019

professional, clean, and wonderful personality!!! great place to go for inverts and corals. will b back -Amanda J.

"very impressed"

July 11, 2019

I was very impressed with the quality of the livestock and even equipment. I chatted a while and it was clear the owners know their stuff and enjoy talking reef. I have no doubt this is a perfect place to go if one is wanting to get into the hobby or just even talk it over and they also have the quality equipment for advanced reefers. -Bret H.

"selection is top notch"

July 9, 2019

This place is legit. I’d been looking for a pair of designer clowns but wanted to pick them out since each is so unique. Salty Blues had a great selection and was very helpful. Their coral selection is top notch and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again. Salty Blues is my new go to saltwater and reef store in the Des Moines metro.

-Alex M.

"take pride in their work"

June 24, 2019

Very nice place. Owners actually take pride in their work and it shows in the quality of the corals and fish. I will absolutely be back for my future purchases. Chloe is one of the owners that was there when I visited. She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Completely impressed and satisfied!!! -Levi B.

"bright, brilliant colors"

June 24, 2019

The best fish store I have gone to. The staff was very helpful, easy to locate, corals are labeled easily to navigate through, bright brilliant colors, with all the tanks in the store it is very quiet, and everything was very clean. I enjoyed my experience here! I am glad to keep doing business with Saltybluesdsm!  -Isaac J.

"helpful with my questions"

May 30,2019

Great selection of healthy fish, inverts and corals. They’re always helpful with my questions. It’s nice having people who know what they’re talking about, especially in this hobby! Highly recommend Salty Blues! -Josh C.

"no sick livestock"

May 5, 2019

Great selection and every time I've been there I've seen no sick livestock. Competitive and low prices, and the service is great every time I'm there!-Zach A.

"got me what i needed"

May 2, 2019

Chloe is awesome. I had a little fish emergency and she came in and met me on her day off to help get me what I needed to save the little guy. The store is great, clean and well maintained. If your looking to get into the hobby or looking for a new coral go here -Dereck J.

"bought my first fish there"

April 5, 2019

Bought my first saltwater fish there months ago❤️they have everything you could need & then some -Dee W.

"everything i've always wanted"

March 9, 2019

Salty Blues is everything I’ve always wanted in a fish store. They specialize in saltwater livestock and have a wide selection of coral as well. The store was clean, well organized, and had a good selection of products. Ben and Chloe were very knowledgeable and willing to answer my questions. I will definitely be frequenting this store. I suggest you do to! -Jake W.

"more than just a sale"

January 19, 2019

Whenever we visit this owners have always been helpful and personable. They have passion and care about their stock as more than just a sale. They know their stuff and provide great quality and recommendations should you want to do something new but have no idea what will fit or if you have a theme like Caribbean fish they can help you find the right fish or Coral for you. If they don't have something, they'll give you a quote and are happy to order. -Sara A.

"des moines is lucky to have salty blues"

January 13, 2019

Clean storefront, healthy corals and they sell fish along with food and dry goods. Support local! Des Moines is lucky to have Salty Blues! -Jeff S.

"best corals around"

January 2, 2019

At Salty Blues you will find an incredibly helpful staff and some of the best corals around! They take pride in their work and it shows. Their corals are astounding and are in excellent shape! -Andrew G.

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